We strongly believe

that tall isn't

solely defined by

height and comes

in a variety of

shapes & sizes.


Welcome to Amalli Talli - we are a different kind of shopping experience. We often get the question, "Are you a tall store?" And the answer is YES! This question is often followed up by the standard, "How tall do you have to be to shop here?" What makes us different, however, is that we don't recommend that you fit into a certain height range to shop with us. We strongly believe that tall isn't solely defined by height and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and proportions. 

We are two sisters, Amy & Alli, who understand "tall" from both sides of the spectrum and launched this company in 2014 to fill a void that we had always experienced personally. At 5'10", Alli had always struggled to find stylish, trendy & well-fitting pieces, but has never been able to shop at other tall specialty stores because their articles of clothing are too long for her. Amy stands at 6' 3 ½ " but has always wanted more variety in the styles and selections available to her.  Between the two of us, there are over 5” of difference in height, plus extremely different proportions, so we take all of that into consideration when designing & buying pieces for the store.  Our fundamental belief is that not all tall women are built the same, so not all inventory can be cut the same.  We focus on providing a great mix of inventory in different lengths, styles & proportions so every woman can find pieces that will work for her. 

After launching initially in a brick and mortar store in a suburban Minneapolis mall, we have transitioned our business entirely online in 2017.  This move allowed us to focus on the segments of our small business that have had the greatest customer demand – our ecommerce platform & also our exclusive private label items.  Our vision is to continue to add more styles under our Amalli Talli private label, so that we are able to respond best to what customers are asking for and also have greater control over the fit and size options available.  We are proud to be working with some enormously talented people to design & produce these items, and will always take our inspiration from the popular trends in the market today so that our customers have access to top styles in the lengths they need.  

If you have recommendations or things you would love to see made for a tall women – connect with us!  We love to hear suggestions from people via social media, email, phone, whatever you prefer!  

Thanks so much for stopping by our site & supporting our business!


AMY ROSENTHAL:  @amy_amallitalli
Height: 6' 3 1/2"

Favorite thing about my height: I can ALWAYS see in a crowd.  

Where I'd live besides Minnesota: New York City— I’m obsessed.  I would love to have an apartment somewhere downtown in the village, and I would walk around the city aimlessly eating, drinking and loving life.  

Laundry list of life's must haves: Red wine, Asian food, summer days at Okoboji, skinny jeans, FRIENDS on DVD, donuts + coffee, flip-flops, a good tote bag, anything my husband grills, my iPhone camera (because I'm that mom), ESPN College Gameday during football season, and above all my sweet little family.  

Little known fact about me: I had to wear massive bifocals at age 3.  Today I wear nothing!

Favorite quality about my sister Alli: At work she is the details person.  She is extremely thorough and well researched & thank goodness for that!  Also, she's so organized she makes The Container Store look like a hot mess.  But business aside, she is a blend of kindhearted compassion mixed with sass and a hilarious sense of humor.  She's the best Happy Hour partner and also concert companion (we've danced for hours with Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake!).  Be ready for anything when she’s around! 

Why I'm passionate about Amalli Talli: I vividly remember crying in middle school when I couldn’t find a pair of women’s khaki colored pants that were required for a school event—the only thing long enough were men’s pants.  I want to make shopping fun and effortless for tall women,  so that all the fun trends you see are actually attainable for our niche too!  

ALLI BLACK: @alli_amallitalli

Height: 5'10 1/2"

Favorite thing about my height: It's harder to tell when you gain 5 or 10 pounds! ;-)

Where I'd live besides Minnesota: I would most definitely spend my summers where I grew up on Lake Okoboji, Iowa. That is my favorite place on earth! In the winter, I can easily envision myself shacking up somewhere on the beaches of Hawaii or Florida. No matter where I am, I am most happy near a body of water with lots of sunshine!

Laundry list of life's must haves: Chardonnay,  a GPS (I would be dead without this),  chips & salsa, an iPhone, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day candle in Lemon Verbena,  Apple TV,  coffee,  comfy house slippers, Spotify, dry shampoo and my road bike :-) 

Little known fact about me: Huge fan of 90's/early Y2k Boy Bands. JT, you will always have my heart! 

Favorite quality about my sister Amy: Personally, she is one of the most selfless people ever! She is always putting others first & would go to the end of the world for you if you needed her to. Professionally, she is super creative. I love her ability to see and plan for the future. She's capable of working on 10,978 thing at one time, while also being an amazing mom to my sweet niece, Perry!  

Why I'm passionate about Amalli Talli: Nothing gives a female more confidence than owning an article of clothing that feels like it was made specifically for them & their body. Unfortunately for tall women, that feeling is harder to come by. Hours of shopping can result in nothing more than a depleted self esteem & a desire to drink heavily. I'm so beyond excited to turn this kind of an experience into one that is fun & joyful! Nothing is more rewarding than giving people the opportunity to feel good about themselves.