We strongly believe

that tall isn't

solely defined by

height and comes

in a variety of

shapes & sizes.


Welcome to Amalli Talli - we are a different kind of shopping experience. We often get the question, "Are you a tall store?" And the answer is YES! This question is often followed up by the standard, "How tall do you have to be to shop here?" Unlike some other tall specialty stores, we don't recommend that you to meet a certain height requirement. We strongly believe that tall isn't solely defined by height and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and proportions. 

This is the beauty of the Amalli Talli partnership! We are two sisters, Amy & Alli, who understand "tall" from both sides of the spectrum and launched this company to fill a void that we had always experienced personally. At 5'10", Alli had always struggled to find stylish, trendy & well-fitting pieces, but has never been able to shop at other tall specialty stores because their articles of clothing are too long for her. Amy stands at 6' 3 ½ " but has always wanted more variety in the styles and selections available to her.  Between the two of us, there are over 5” of difference in height, plus extremely different proportions, so all of that must be taken into consideration when both buying & designing pieces for the store.  Our fundamental belief is that not all tall women are built the same, so not all inventory can be cut the same.  We focus on providing a great mix of inventory in different lengths, styles & proportions so every woman can find pieces that will work for her. 

Currently we work with a lot of national brand names (some you might be familiar with, others may be more unique), and personally hand select each garment to ensure that it will work for someone along our tall spectrum.  We have also launched our own private label with the purpose of bringing our customers other exclusive styles that are virtually impossible to find elsewhere.  You can count on everything we carry to be stylish, casual, unique, flattering, and FUN! With denim in 34"-38" inseams and a wide size range available (0-18 ), you will be sure to find something at Amalli Talli, no matter what you consider your own version of "tall" to be.